London's Secret Community Theatre 246a Lower Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 8SJ
In Rehearsal

The Memory of Water

On the eve of their mother’s funeral, three sisters meet, bicker and reveal the conflicts of the past and its grip on the present, the patterns and strains of family relationships and the distortions of memory. 10th–13th Jul
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Right of Entitlement

Cleo is a strange girl. Happy at home, happy at school. So what's her beef? And why the graffiti? A play concerned with class, fairness, education and social mobility. 19th–20th Jul
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Sketch You Up!

Comedy sketches that are observational and familiar but with a contemporary Sketch You Up! twist.  Think Catherine Tate meets Little Britain and you’re almost there!  Let us throw you into a world where call centre operators hold painful secrets, yummy mummies with their first world problems, a world where being straight is unique, an awkward first date, an embarrassing doctor visit and many more… Brace yourselves as we… Sketch You Up!  Warning – may contain comedy songs. 25th Jul
Coming Soon

24-Hour Play Festival

Network's Play-In-24-Hours is back! This year we will be in the bowels of Waterloo station from the evening of Friday 16th August until late on Saturday 17th August producing multiple pieces of completely original theatre. During the course of a night and a day we will come up with a theme, divide into teams, devise, improvise, script, rehearse, nap, tech, perform our final pieces and then celebrate in the bar. 16th Aug