London's Secret Community Theatre 246a Lower Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 8SJ
In Rehearsal

The Pitmen Painters

In 1934 the miners of the Ashington Colliery were determined to better themselves, so they hired a professor to teach them Art Appreciation. They were a wonderfully argumentative bunch but when the posh academic arrives to teach them, they were united in not understanding a word he said. Seeing their confusion he wisely sets them to making art themselves. 10th–13th Oct
Now Auditioning

Death Before Marriage

Days before Eve Millington's wedding, her family home is burgled by an infamous thief looking to lay hands on a priceless gem. Events take a sinister twist when people start to die in mysterious circumstances – there is more going on at Stargrove than a burglary. As the bodies pile up, the investigators form a cunning plan to uncover a secret that has laid buried for twenty years. Auditions: 27th Sep, 2nd Oct 5th–8th Dec