London's Secret Community Theatre 246a Lower Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 8SJ
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4.48 Psychosis

Come and audition for 4:48 Psychosis which will be our October 2021 production. Auditions: 10th, 12th Aug 13th–16th Oct
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The Madhouse, Fancy Dress & Party Shop

Gloria, a retired actress, runs away from her husband to start up a fancy dress shop. Shortly after, her husband goes missing. Gloria’s son is concerned, but Gloria has more important things to deal with: flies, rats and a clown costume that just won’t come clean. Isolated inside her own shop, an old-fashioned telephone is Gloria’s only link to the outside world. But as much as she tries to keep reality out, and live in denial, the damp smell from the large cellar beneath the building is a constant reminder of her past. ‘The Madhouse, Fancy Dress and Party Shop’ [...] 31st Aug, 1st–4th Sep
Coming Soon

Back With Love! – Postponed for now

WE ARE COMING BACK! Yes that’s right, we will be performing a production that we have decided to call: Back With Love!  Date to be agreed. 25th Sep