London's Community Theatre 246a Lower Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 8SJ

Network Theatre Company presents:


By Edward Kemp, directed by John Irvine


The birth of an empire, the forging of a nation; two ancient enemies, two kingdoms, united in one man. A common language for the new nation, through a new Bible for Britain.

Not all are united. A religious minority continues to suffer persecution. Its young men, trained abroad as soldiers, return to England as radicalised extremists; home-grown terrorists plotting death and destruction in the name of their God.

Hidden priests, coded messages, faith compromised by pragmatism and politics, recusants and radicals, belief galvanised into bloody action. A secret army ready for revolution.

At the centre, a twisted and deformed spymaster presides over an intelligence network. Priesthunters and informers, spies and traitors, secrets and lies. All for the greater good of the Nation.

5/11 (“five eleven”) is an epic and incendiary thriller about the Gunpowder Plot. Written by Edward Kemp, it was first performed at the Chichester Festival in 2005.

An amateur production in arrangementwith Nick Hern


Simon HillCecil
Tom KelseyCatesby
Simon WorthingtonSouthwell, Tresham, Lennox
Tim BloreArchbishop, Tom Winter
Saran WenbanTopcliffe, Bromley, Pageant Master
Alain EnglishKing James
Jennie RichQueen Ane, Ellesmere, Martha Percy
Peter EasterbrookThomas Percy
Denis FadilNorthumberland
Omer WarmanMonteagle, Somerset
Mary HardingAnne Vaux
Sophie FarrellEdward Percy, Dodo
Owain JonesGarnet
Eva RutlandLady Suffolk, Guy Fawkes
Judith BarbelerLizzie Tresham, Kit Wright
Charley MackintoshJack Wright


Charley MackintoshAssistant Director
David HarveyStage Manager
Sophie FarrellLighting Designer
Mike WyerSound Designer
Alessanda CoyneLighting Operator
Thomas CheesemanSound Operator
Kay WilliamsCostume Designer
AliceCostume Designer