London's Community Theatre 246a Lower Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 8SJ

Network Theatre Company presents:

Death Before Marriage

Written and directed by Rebecca Mason

It is 1958. Eve Millington is getting married.

Her wedding day is but a few days away and family members are starting to arrive at her family home – Stargrove Hall, an old country house near a small Hampshire village.

Ahead of Eve’s nuptials, her father Colonel Thomas Millington presents her with a gift – a rare ruby called the Heart of Shiva. It was a gift from the Maharajah to the Colonel when he served in India and the Colonel was to have it fashioned into a necklace for his wife – Eve’s mother. Tragically Eve’s mother died before he could arrange this.

That evening, while the family are dining, Stargrove is burgled by the infamous thief known as the Cat. A chance discovery by one of the household means the burglar is almost caught in the act and brings the Millingtons to the attention of the infamous detective called the Professor. To the initial irritation of the local police, the Professor begins his own investigation and realises that the thief is still at Stargrove.

As the Professor pursues his investigation events take a sinister twist when people start to die in mysterious circumstances leading the Professor to believe there is more going on at Stargrove than a burglary

As the bodies pile up the Professor and Inspector Moxham form a cunning plan to uncover a secret that has laid buried for twenty years.


Olivia CoppinEve Millington
Samuel MooreAlex Knott
Lee CoppCol. Thomas Millington
Danielle CaprettiGeorgina Sandford
Pauline KennedyNell Laymarsh
Aleksandra GierszAnya Kowalska
Bradley GoldInspector Jack Moxham
Akhilesh PaiConstable Oliver
Jennie RichThe Professor
Primrose MatamboKatie Lightfield
Judith Denwood Marjorie Bolton