London's Community Theatre 246a Lower Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 8SJ

Network Theatre Company presents:

Say Something Happened

By Alan Bennett, directed by Charles Leo Raine

Alan Bennett’s ‘Say Something Happened’ focuses on Mam & Dad, an elderly couple living in Yorkshire, whose lives are lived their way.  That is until June Potter from the council shows up and suggests… ‘change’.

The play is delightfully local, and being from close to that area, just reading through it, one can imagine parents or grandparents engaging in similar conversation, or being blockheadishly stubborn towards a stranger suggesting how they should live.

The aim is to take none of that charm away; while a universal message, the traits that Bennett writes with gives it a realism; an entry point for everyone, as if it was plucked right out of Harrogate.  Everyone knows the feeling of getting older or getting left behind, but we can see it here from both perspectives, the younger generation dealing with the world changing due to things out of their control and them being left to deal with it, while the older generation are made helpless in a world that they helped create, now unable to do anything due to things out of their control.  While it was true when Bennett wrote this play, it is arguably more poignant now than ever before.

While the generation gap might separate us, we’ve never been more the same.

This amateur production of "Say Something Happened" is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd


Sarah WenbanMam
John IrvineDad
Tekle BarotiJune Potter


Daniel CarterAssistant Director
Alex FarrellProducer