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Network Theatre Company productions have open auditions run by the director and their team. Every show is different so every audition process is different, but we have tried to answer some common questions with common answers. Check the notes on the show page for any specific requirements or details.

See below for the list of currently scheduled auditions.

Who can audition?

Anyone who’d like to be involved. Our auditions are open, so members and non-members alike can take part.

What will I have to do?

This depends very much on what requirements the show will place on the actors and who is directing. You may be asked to perform a monologue, or take part in a small scene with another actor. Group work with the rest of the people auditioning may play a part. If the show is a musical, you may be asked to take part in a singing or dance audition. The director may ask for candidates to prepare an extract from the show – check the show page for details.

How should I prepare?

You should come to the audition with some idea of which characters you are interested in performing, and with as much knowledge of the show as possible. Network Theatre Company auditions are normally preceded by an informal reading – you may like to come along to the reading to understand more about the show and get a feel for the characters. The audition notes will also ask you to fill out an audition form to bring, along with a photograph, or ask you to prepare a monologue.

How do I register for an audition?

The audition notes will specify what you need to do.  You will normally be required to register through our TicketSource page and pay a £5 audition fee if you are not a Network member.  Members are also required to register a place, but do not pay a fee.

What shows have auditions coming up?

All the shows with scheduled auditions are shown below.

Now Auditioning


Misterman tells the story of Thomas McGill, a marginalised member of a small community in a town called Inishfree.  Surrounded by recordings of the other members of the town, highlighting their ‘sins’, we enter into Thomas’ life, his routines and his quest to save those around him.  As the plot unfolds, the audience are witness to Thomas re-telling or rather, re-making, the story of a very significant day through editing of the conversations he has with others on his tapes. Auditions: 11th, 13th Dec 1st–6th Feb
Now Auditioning

This Is A Play

Disillusioned actors as bitter as romaine!  Overwrought sound cues as crisp as iceberg!  Written by famed queer Canadian playwright Daniel MacIvor and directed by the substantially less famous queer Canadian director Daniel Carter, this little gem is a short one-act comedy about love, loss, and lettuce.  Described by Winnipeg’s most prestigious arts publication as ‘delightfully meta’, This Is A Play takes the world of modern fringe theatre and puts it through the salad spinner.  If you’ve ever fantasised about applying to RADA while weeping gently into a spreadsheet, then this one’s for you.  Because This… Is A Play.” Auditions: 11th Dec 1st–6th Mar